Learn how wooden rings can help you define your personality

Wooden rings

Wood is a natural resource used in an endless number of decorative elements, and now it is also used to create the most beautiful rings to wear daily or to give as a gift to a loved one. 

Each one of these wooden rings carries with it a piece of nature from where it is extracted, in addition, they have a shiny look that will last forever. Wood allows to give life to products with high quality finishes, durable over the years and requiring low maintenance, a ring of this type will undoubtedly be a beautiful memory for eternity.

Symbology of wooden rings

Although it is not very regular to use natural resources such as wood in jewelry, it is a very beautiful complement that combines with any other type of element or material, such as gold or titanium, for example. 

So, if you are reading this post because you are looking for something different to wear on your hands, that combines well with your outfit or personality, you can see Nacva wood rings and choose the one you like the most, there are so many models that you will surely want to wear more than one.

In addition to this, a wooden ring represents the love for the natural and ecological, and depending on the type of wood with which it has been designed, it can have a meaning or another. 

Thanks to this, it can be difficult to decide which one to use, but it will depend on your essence and what you want to convey, usually people associate it with something spiritual. A ring made of wood can make us think of nature, but it is also related to strength, durability and mysticism.

Types of wooden rings according to their origin 

We know that there are many types of trees out there in nature, but each of their woods can evoke a different scent and even smell from each other. For example, a ring made with birch wood could be worthy of the meaning of control and discipline, given an ancient mythological belief that this was the tree of new beginnings. 

On the other hand, a ring with oak wood would be seen as representative of strength, because this is precisely a vigorous and characterful tree, being considered one of the most sacred for a very long time. The oak tree is known to have an energy focused on abundance and wisdom, and what better than to wear a piece of it on your hands.

Now, if you intend to give a ring that symbolizes love, tenderness and affection for a loved one, it should certainly be made of cherry wood as it is considered the tree of the heart. And it means being able to relate to other human beings in a harmonious and compassionate way.

Your personality according to the finger where you wear rings

While there is no specific rule that strictly says how a certain accessory should be worn, the meaning of the rings that men can wear depending on the finger on which they are placed says a lot about what their personality, tastes and preferences are like. On the little finger of the right hand, for example, wearing wooden rings symbolizes sensitivity. 

But if it is worn on the little finger of the opposite hand, it is known that the person who wears it is very patient and attentive to his environment and with a great ability to listen. 

Wearing a ring on the thumb means that you are a friendly man, on the index finger that you have authority, on the middle finger it means that you have a sense of responsibility and on the ring finger, wearing a ring in a manner is synonymous with fidelity.

But, no matter where you want to wear your ring, you can choose a Nacva wood model resistant to wear, a jewel made with great dedication and inspired by nature that will never lose its shape, brightness, resistance, or color.