Our 3 tips to rent a boat safely

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It all depends on your seafaring companion, but renting a boat requires a certain ability to take advantage of good opportunities, but also to go out quietly on all lines. It is important that you find out what you can about the service offered by the companies.

You will find pages like Marinemax Reviews, where you can see the reviews of other customers. This way you get a better idea of the company’s reputation. Now then…

These are our tips to help you achieve this sailing project.

  • Rent a boat with your rules

The preparation of the boat, administrative controls, inventory of accessories and handling. On the day of your visit, the team in charge will do everything possible to make your trip at sea as pleasant as possible. Before your departure, the team will review with you the various safety rules you must respect.

  • Get ready to leave the water

Read weather reports by subscribing to the weather forecast with the weather service. On board, keep the administrative documents carefully (insurance certificate, navigation card …). Check the safety equipment (first aid kit, life jackets, rockets, among others …)

The opinions of other users in pages like Marinemax Reviews, will give you a glimpse of how companies are prepared to provide all the safety to customers during their trip.

All your crew must know their place and function in order to use it quickly and efficiently. Have reliable VHF radio and control them. Always have your boat on board for your survival: drink, food, pharmacy and protective clothing.

  • Give instructions for anchoring

Normally, for boat rental you can make a worry-free anchorage with the night program. For this night, in love with the beach, you must leave the boat 200 m from the beach. If you have other boats lined up next to you, it is important to respect the maximum distance of 5 m between the two boats. 

When you dispose of the ink, do so at a depth of 1m20, so if this measurement is a little further than 200m, respect the encrypted data. Do not get wet if there is wind or waves, find another anchorage point or mooring in the port, you will have to pay for it. Leave the anchorage as soon as the sea rises.

  • Safety instructions

If you have water equipment such as jet skis, wakeboards and more, it is important to get it fixed. Converging paths between boats should be prohibited. For water sports, you must stay away from other boats.

As a skipper, you are responsible for driving the boat, respecting the rules and the safety of the people on board.

Practical advice:

And to finish we leave you with some brief but useful tips to enjoy your boat rental to the fullest:

Booking in the morning: The sea is almost always calmer in the morning as at midday the wind starts to rise and little by little it forms some waves that depending on the day can reach around 1.5 meters. So if you want to secure the shot book your boat trip in the morning.

Take your dramamine one hour before: It is advisable to take biodramaine one hour before the excursion to avoid dizziness. Some people are more prone to dizziness than others but it is always better to prevent than to cure.

Bring prepared food: The boats usually have a kitchen on board but it is small and it is uncomfortable to cook with the movement of the sea so we recommend bringing prepared food and plastic dishes to use and throw away.

We hope that you liked this post, that it solved some doubts if you had them and that it encourages you to rent for a few hours a sailboat with skipper. You won’t regret it! Finally, we emphasize the importance of knowing the reputation and valuation of companies in pages like Marinemax Reviews.